Cool Metal Roofing

There are two excellent resources for information regarding Cool Roofing and Cool Metal Roofing.

The Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) is an independent and non-biased organization that has established a rating system. The core of the CRRC is its Product Rating Program through which roofing product manufacturers can label their products with solar reflectance and thermal emittance values measured by CRRC Accredited Independent Testing Laboratories.  The CRRC does not set a minimum definition for "cool".  However, code bodies and programs can reference its rating system.  The CRRC simply lists the measured radiative property values in its Directory.  Any roofing product can be tested as long as it is in compliance with the CRRC Program Manual, CRRC-1.  A product's placement in the Directory does not mean that the product is "cool" as defined by any particular code body or program. For more information on the CRRC, click here.

The mission of the Cool Metal Roofing Coalition is to educate architects, building owners, specifiers, code and standards officials and other interested parties on the sustainable, energy-related benefits of cool metal roofing. This website provides many articles and studies of buildings using Cool Metal Roofing.