Metal Roofing Retrofit

The NAR NuRoof® Retrofit Roof System is a light gauge framing system fully engineered to create a slope roof plane and ready to accept a new NAR metal roofing system. You can choose either a low-slope functional and economical system where the roof is barely visible from the curbside. Or, you can choose a high-slope system with a painted standing seam metal roof system that adds to the aesthetics of the building.

This retrofit concept has been embraced by Public School Systems, and Municipal and State government agencies. NAR is nationally recognized for expert solutions supported by professional engineering analysis and proven performance products.

Product Features

  • Framing system can be installed over existing or new construction.
  • New roof geometry options include Low-slope and High-slope applications as well as systems designed specifically to remedy rainwater drainage issues on existing conventional and pre-engineered roof applications.
  • Light-gauge framing systems include structural members of various gauges and shapes designed specifically for your project.
  • Designed to be installed on existing flat or sloped roof applications over existing BUR, Single-ply and other types of conventional or pre-engineered roof systems.
  • Various structural metal roof and wall cladding systems including thru-fastened and standing seam roofing.
  • Certified Installer program available (view class schedule)

Additional Information

Engineering Information

The links below will provide you with helpful information regarding retrofitting.