Retrofit Metal Roofing

Retrofit is the alterations and improvements to an existing flat roof building. It is the construction of a sloped framing system with metal roofing over an existing flat roof. The benefit of retrofitting an old flat roof is the high middle slope of the new roof. When rain, hail, or snow falls down upon the roof, because of the newly sloped frame the rain discharges to the outer boundaries of the building. Due to this strategy the house owner can gain more reliability and years out of their roof.

At N.A.R., our metal roof retrofit framing systems are the perfect solution for your existing flat roof building. We offer a variety of applications for low or high slope, special constructions, or problematic geometry issues. We understand that quality leads to greater reliability and the framing systems that we offer are of economic feasibility and are made to last throughout the years.

With our knowledge base in the metal roof retrofit industry we are the premiere source for information.

In the picture above the Post and Purlin is described. This retrofit framing assembly is one of the most common in Florida wall systems. Shown in the following illustrations, the system can be employed for installation over existing roofs with steel or wood framing as well as structural concrete systems.

The illustration below describes how the system is installed. The retrofit roofing is installed over steel bar joists that are parallel to the new roof slope..

Below the Post and Purlin system adds a continuous base zee. Having a base zee allows it to be installed over steel bar joists that span perpendicular to the new roof slope.

For buildings with wood framed roofs the continuous base zee is installed perpendicular instead of parallel. For existing wood framed roofs the base zee is required.

Larger buildings with existing concrete roofs must use base shoes and posts. These are installed over the existing concrete beams.