Terms and Conditions

  1. CANCELLATION AND RETURN POLICY Once an order has been placed for a manufactured item, it cannot be cancelled. All panel orders and special order (non-stock) trim are considered the property of the customer and are non-refundable once they have been manufactured. All goods are sold “AS IS”
  2. PHONE ORDERS Purchaser assumes all responsibility for verbal orders.
  3. PRICING All pricing is subject to change without notice due to the valuation of the steel market.
  4. SALES TAX All orders are subject to sales tax unless a current sales tax exemption certificate is provided to "N.A.R" prior to sale.
    • A deposit in the amount of 50% of invoice total is due at the time of placing the order. The remainder is due at the time of pickup, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
    • A transaction fee will be added to all Credit Card transactions as follows: Visa & MasterCard’s 3.5%, American Express 5%.
    • Credit terms may be established at the sole discretion of the financial department of "N.A.R". "N.A.R" reserves the right to deny credit without explanation.
    • All credit accounts are required to complete a “Job Information” form on all material being supplied.
  6. ORDER ACCURACY Purchaser assumes all responsibility for accuracy of order. All cut lengths and quantities are to be provided by purchaser and not based on comments or suggestions of any employee or representative of "N.A.R".
  7. Standing Seam Material Orders For material orders up to 600 LF there will be a minimum charge of $65.00 per order for crating material (12ft in length). Larger jobs will be quoted on a job specific basis depending on quantity of material ordered. PLEASE NOTE: all standing seam panels will be manufactured with striations unless otherwise requested by the customer in writing.
    • There will be a charge of $50.00 for any returned checks
    • This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with laws of the state of Florida.
    • Purchaser, by placing its order with seller, represents and warrants that purchaser is familiar with and in compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to its work, including all Florida Product Approval requirements and OSHA rules and regulations with specific reference to the safety standards for fall protection in the construction industry.
    • Purchaser assumes all responsibility for applying county codes and guidelines applicable to work performed.
    • All Flashing orders less than ten sticks (100ft) will incur a setup fee of $35.00.
    Uniform visual appearance (color, spangle, shadow spots, and striping) of unfinished Galvalume(r), Acrylic Galvalume(r), Galvanized, Acrylic Galvanized, Aluminum, and Paint Grip panels cannot be guaranteed. If uniform appearance is desired, then prepainted Galvalume(r) or Galvanized should be ordered. Non-uniform surface appearance (color, spangle, shadow spots, and striping) may occur over time, it does not represent a deficiency in the material, nor does it affect any warranties which may be in place, and it is not a reason for rejection.

    Oil canning can be defined as the actual waviness in the flat areas of roofing and siding panels. Generally the period and amplitude of the wave depend on the width of the flat. Oil Canning is an inherent condition with light gauge cold formed metal products, and can result from residual stresses induced or redistributed during coil production, slitting, perforating, forming or fabrication of steel products. Improper deck handling, installation or attachment to misaligned steel supports can also cause oil canning. In general, oil canning is an aesthetic condition with no effect on the structural integrity of the deck. Since many uncontrollable factors can lead to oil canning, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for the cost of actions taken in response to an oil canning condition. Oil canning shall not be a cause for rejection of material.
  10. Things You Should Know
    • Direct contact with pressure treated lumber and metal roofing must be avoided to prevent potential corrosion.
    • Damage will result if uninstalled panels or trim are allowed to remain wet in storage. Be sure to store material that will not be installed immediately in a dry location. Wet material should be air-dried and re-stacked if installation is not planned right away.
    • Nibblers, and especially Carborundum blades on electric saws, do have a tendency to either leave hot metal particles that can burn paint surfaces or leave rust marks on panels and trim. The same is true of any filings left on the roof caused by the application of screws. Care should be taken to brush all such particles from roof surfaces after application. CAUTION! clean all metal shavings and particles off of roof to avoid unsightly rust stains.
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